Poster Presentations

P-12: Primary Care Collaborative Memory Clinics: Improving Care Coordination for Persons Living with Dementia

Dr. Linda Lee

Lee, L.,
Lu, S.*,
Hillier, L. Gregg, S.,
Kaufman Carlin, G.

McMaster University
The Centre for Family Medicine
School of Public Health and Health Systems

Topic: Health Services

Integration of community services into primary care may improve care coordination for persons and care partners living with dementia. This study explored the perceptions and experiences of Home and Community Care (H&CC) representatives who have been integrated into Primary Care Collaborative Memory Clinic (PCCMC) teams across Ontario.

Semi-structured phone interviews were conducted with H&CC team members to better understand their roles and contributions to PCCMCs. H&CC team members were asked for their impression of the PCCMC model of care, their perceived impacts of the H&CC and PCCMC partnership, and how integration might be improved. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and analyzed thematically in NVivo 9.

Eight interviews were completed with H&CC Care Coordinators (n=7) and a Director (n=1) located in four regional Local Health Integration Networks. Most commonly-described benefits of the H&CC and PCCMC partnership included: a) improved comprehensiveness of assessment and improved quality of care, b) increased efficiency of access to and delivery of community services for complex cases, and c) reduced vulnerability of persons living with dementia as a result of enhanced education about available community resources. Participants reported no disadvantages to the partnership.

H&CC representatives were overwhelmingly supportive of being integrated into PCCMCs because they believed that their expertise and skills were being leveraged to improve the quality of care for persons and care partners living with dementia. Care Coordinators believed that the benefits to the partnership were numerous and that system level impacts would be evident with greater provincial support and resources enabling expansion of this partnership across Ontario.

Study results suggest that integration of H&CC Care Coordinators into PCCMCs improves quality of care and efficiency of delivery of community services.