Poster Presentations

P-13: Improving Nursing Students' Clinical Skills Using Video Assessment

Mrs. Andrea Miller

Allison Van Bakel,
Breanna Armstrong,  
Andrea Miller

Conestoga College
School of Nursing

Topic: Education

Nursing in today’s complex health care system requires a high level of competence and confidence. Essential to this are the basic clinical skills that students gain throughout their BScN program. Without a strong foundation in these skills, students struggle with the more complex critical thinking skills, and are often perceived as unprepared by nurses in practice. Students no longer have the opportunity to obtain these skills when they graduate and begin to practice, but rather are expected to be workplace ready. For all of these reasons, it is imperative that students have mastered the core clinical nursing skills prior to graduation. In order to enhance competence, video assessment have been implemented in the second year of the McMaster-Mohawk-Conestoga BScN Program.

The objective of this assessment methodology is to provide a student-centered self-directed approach to developing competence in clinical skills. Over the course of a term students produced two video skills assessments, a self-reflection, and received both peer and faculty feedback on their video skills assessments.

The impact of the video assessment on student competence was collected through focus groups, and online surveys. Themes identified from the data collection included, skill practice and repetition, confidence, feedback concerns, technology use, and assignment expectations.

Overall it was identified that this evaluation measure, can help promote a self-directed approach to practicing and mastering clinical nursing skills. It confirms the notion that deliberate practice can translate into greater competency as nursing students transition into practicing professionals.