Poster Presentations

P-2: Antipsychotic Medication, Pro Re Nata Use, and Mortality in Older Adults: A Scoping Review Regarding the Current State of the Evidence

Mr. Jason Randle

*Jason Randle, MSc.,
Dr. George Heckman,
Dr. Mark Oremus,
Dr. Joanne Ho

University of Waterloo
Applied Health Sciences, School of Public Health and Health Systems

Topic: Population & Public Health

This paper reviews the association between antipsychotic medication use and mortality in older institutionalized adults aged 65 and over. This association is still relatively inconclusive and requires clarification, despite a large body of published studies. We carried out a scoping review that attempts to clarify and synthesize the association between antipsychotic use and mortality risk for older institutionalized adults. Results from this review suggests that, while different antipsychotic medications present different safety profiles, conventional antipsychotics appear to confer the highest risk of increased mortality. This review also suggests that mortality risk is highest within 40 days of antipsychotic initiation, suggesting that increased mortality may actually be the result of some previously unrecognized illness, co-morbidity, change in health status, or increased frailty, rather than an idiosyncrasy of the antipsychotic itself.