Poster Presentations

P-30: Improving interprofessional collaboration through integration of nursing experiences in pre-clerkship medical curriculum at a community based hospital

Mr. David Nguyen

David Nguyen,
Mark Xue,
Lisa Buttazzoni 

McMaster University
Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine

Topic: Education

Interprofessional collaboration between health care professionals has been shown to improve patient satisfaction and optimize health outcomes among hospitalized patients. It has been noted that negative relationships between nurses and physicians is a major root cause for adverse events in hospital. In McMaster’s undergraduate medical education pre-clerkship curriculum, there are limited opportunities for experiential interprofessional collaboration. To improve collaborative practice between medical students and nurses, we designed a quality improvement project in which students accompany and complete nursing duties alongside nursing staff.

The goal of the project is to increase experiential interprofessional collaboration for medical students at McMaster’s Waterloo Regional Campus (WRC) from 0% to 100% by the end of their pre-clerkship curriculum.

A small-scale pilot was implemented using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles on the general internal medicine ward at the Grand River Hospital. The pilot initially started with two pre-clerkship medical students before expanding to encompass the entire WRC cohort. Students’ attitudes towards nursing staff along with their confidence in performing clinical activities were measured pre- and post-intervention using a questionnaire based on a validated interprofessional evaluation scale. Qualitative and quantitative analysis alongside interviews with staff were used to guide future PDSA cycles.

Pre- and post- intervention surveys have identified that students have positive attitudes toward nursing staff. Students report increased confidence in multiple clinical activities as a result of collaboration with nursing staff.

Future work will include implementing a clinical duties checklist to standardize experiential interprofessional collaboration.