Oral Presentations

O-10: Clinical Measures and Resource Utilization among Psychiatric Inpatients with Personality Disorders in Ontario, Canada

Ms. Jerrica Little

Jerrica Little*,
John P. Hirdes,
Tess Naus,
Eva Neufeld,
Magnus Haraldsson,
ohanna de Almeida Mello, 
Peter Chan

University of Waterloo
School of Public Health and Health Systems


Topic: Inpatient psychiatry

Individuals with a personality disorder (PD) often experience severe impairment and as a result, providing them with adequate care can be challenging. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of PDs in psychiatric inpatient units across Ontario, Canada and compare their sociodemographic factors, outcome measures, and resource utilization with those of the general inpatient psychiatric population. The sample consisted of adults admitted to designated mental health hospital beds that were assessed with the interRAI Mental Health (RAI-MH) assessment instrument between October 2005 and March 2016 (N = 67,262). Approximately 11% of the total sample (n=7444) had a PD diagnosis. Results showed that persons with PD are a heterogeneous group with comorbid mental health conditions, higher clinical scores on depression and harm-to-self, and considerable resource utilization. Increasing recognition of this population may lead to improvements in care, adjusted care planning and more efficient resource allocation.