Poster Presentations

P-1: The Voice of the Senior - “Please Help Me To Tell My Story Once”

Jane McKinnon Wilson, Audrey Devitt, Tiffany Symes, Cathy Sturdy-Smith*, Kathleen Purdon*, Emily Vines*

St. Joseph's Health Care Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington and Regional Geriatric Program Central

In response to the Voice of the Senior- "Help Me Tell My Story Once" the Waterloo Wellington Specialized Geriatric Services implemented a Clinical Intake "Virtual Team" to  provide a streamlined clinical referral system  for geriatric patients in need of geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry; mental health outreach, and Community Responsive Behaviour Teams (CRBTs) that is robust to phase in referrals for  Intensive Geriatric Services and Memory Clinics (non-FHT). 

The Regional Geriatric Program Central provided resources and support to initiate a Specialized  Geriatric Services Clinical Intake. St. Joseph's Health Centre Guelph in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association - Waterloo Wellington Specialized Geriatric Service, received WWLHIN funding to enhance the specialized geriatric services clinical intake service.

The poster presentation will share the evaluation outcomes of the following measures in response to the implementation of the  Waterloo Wellington SGS Clinical Intake Service. 
1) Enhancing access to comprehensive geriatric assessments and care planning services in the community
2) Reducing the "burden" on geriatricians, allowing them to address more complex cases; and
3) Increasing access and easier transition to community care for clients; addressing the voice of the senior to "tell my story once"

The current state; challenges and future opportunities will be provided as identified in the evaluation.