Poster Presentations

P-13: Integrating Best Practices through EMR Decision Support Tools

Mohamed Alarakhia BSc, MD, CCFP; Lirije Hyseni MSc; Danika Walden PMP, MSc             

Centre For Family Medicine Care Innovation

Since January 2016, the eHealth Centre of Excellence (eCE) in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has been leading project QBIC (Quality Based Improvements in Care) to enhance quality of care through EMR decision support tools that facilitate best practices in chronic disease prevention and management (CDPM). 
The objective of the poster presentation is to illustrate the development process for CDPM decision support tools and present early findings on benefits.  
The eCE partners with other organizations that lead research on relevant best practices, to ensure that EMR decision support tools apply the best available evidence for CDPM. Physician engagement guides the tool development process to establish support and ensure the tools meet physician needs. 

To date, the CHF, COPD and CKD tools have been developed and are being deployed through eHealth coaching sessions. The QBIC team has engaged over 270 primary care clinicians and provided eHealth coaching sessions to demonstrate tools and assist with tool integration into individual clinicians’ EMRs and workflow. 

Initial findings illustrate that the CHF tool has increased influenza immunization by 82% and improved prescribing of appropriate medications for heart failure by 10%. The majority of physicians (93%) report that the tool has had a positive impact on the quality of care they provide.