Poster Presentations

P-22: Development of Transgender Healthcare Curriculum Competencies Using the Delphi Method

Dr. Michael Lee-Poy*, Dr. Colleen McMillan

McMaster University

Introduction and Aims: Inclusion of transgender health is minimal to non-existent in current healthcare training. Little instruction is provided and training is not sufficient for healthcare providers to feel confident in addressing healthcare concerns in this population. The aim of this study is to identify core topics to be addressed in a curriculum on transgender healthcare using a Delphi Method.

Methods: Using a Delphi Method, experts were enlisted to provide input on the core competencies healthcare providers need to provide sensitive and competent transgender care. Experts included family physicians, emergency room physicians, educators, social workers, pharmacists and transgender individuals. Experts participated in three rounds of questionnaires to identify core topics to be addressed in a multi-disciplinary training module. 

Results: In the first questionnaire, our expert panel identified key topics to be addressed in this curriculum. Results were then compiled for the second questionnaire and respondents ranked on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 representing "not important" to  7 representing "extremely important". Again, results were compiled and the top ranking topics were compiled for the expert panel to review and provide comment on. The final list of topics identified to be included in a transgender healthcare curriculum were background/context, healthcare/epidemiology context, surgical, psychosocial and resources.   

Conclusions: The Delphi Method was an effective tool in distilling the core topics healthcare providers need to know in order to provide competent transgender care. These core topics will be used for curriculum development on transgender healthcare.