Poster Presentations

P-23: The Development of IPAGE: An Online Platform for Geriatric Education              

Jessica Ashbourne, Brendan Lew, Graham Campbell, Andrew Costa

McMaster University

The Interprofessional Passport for Geriatric Education (iPAGE) is an online program being developed and implemented at McMaster's Waterloo Regional Campus to improve knowledge about and attitudes toward the growing aging population. A needs assessment conducted with local students showed that only 30% had adequate exposure to geriatrics. 

Six pillars of geriatric education were identified based on geriatrics-related opportunities available to students. These encompass a variety of learning settings and modalities: lectures and conferences, interprofessional events, clinical encounters, volunteer or outreach, online learning, and research. 

Students will complete a pre-intervention survey. A knowledge component was adapted from the core competencies in the care of older persons for Canadian medical students by the Canadian Geriatrics Society. An attitudes component was adapted from the Geriatrics Attitude Scale. 

Students will undergo experiences within four of the six pillars. Short reflections written by participants will be thematically analyzed to further improve the passport. When all experiences are finished, students will complete a summative reflection as well as a post-intervention survey to assess change in knowledge and attitudes. They will receive a certificate of completion.

The team is working with a developer to create an online platform, and the program will be rolled out for the incoming class. We hope that following its implementation at WRC, iPAGE will be available at other campuses, other schools, and for students in non-medical health professions. This initiative will help better prepare students for careers in which they will frequently encounter and care for older adults.