Poster Presentations

P-25: Using a quality improvement approach to enhance curriculum domain integration within the McMaster Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) program COMPASS curriculum

Rosalind Bihun*, Breanne Golemiec*, Jasmine Levesque*

McMaster University

Objectives: An assessment of the curriculum using the six dimensions of quality identified a quality gap in curriculum integration within Medical Foundations (MF). Using quality improvement methodology, we aim to have 100% of students surveyed rate their perceived comfort with knowledge/skill assimilation between pre-clerkship curriculum domains as "Strongly Agree" or "Agree" by the end of the pre-clerkship.

Methods: In order to identify an area of quality improvement within McMaster's UGME curriculum, a process map was created. A needs assessment survey was administered to medical students to assess self-perceived comfort in integrating information acquired in all domains of the curriculum. 

Results: Based on the results of the needs assessment survey, 14.8% of students fail to understand how they could apply information learned in clinical skills to tutorial cases, 7.4% do not understand how they could apply information learned in professional competencies to tutorial cases, and 18.5% of students do not understand how they could apply information learned in large group sessions to tutorial cases. Of the students surveyed, 70.3% felt that interactive tutorial cases that integrate concepts from other aspects of the curriculum furthered their learning.

Conclusion: Students struggle to make connections between curriculum content across curriculum domains. A curriculum change that could address this learning gap would be the implementation of one interactive tutorial case per MF. This case would require students to draw on their scientific knowledge, history taking and physical exam skills, and understanding of medical ethics.