Poster Presentations

P-27: EAT (Efficacy & Attitudes of Teaching) Survey on the Consistency & Quality of Nutrition Education in Ontario-based Medical Schools

Candice Griffin & Patsy Lee

McMaster University

Malnutrition is a significant issue in Canadian hospitals, with approximately 45% of patients malnourished upon admission. Poor nutrition has negative implications on patient well-being and recovery, and further malnourishment may occur during hospitalization. The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force discovered that there is a significant discrepancy between perception and practice of nutritional assessment by physicians. The purpose of the EAT Survey is to assess medical student knowledge, perceptions and attitudes towards nutrition and patient-related malnutrition and evaluate their satisfaction with related teaching. We seek to ascertain whether the core education future physicians receive during training can be improved in order to effectively identify, assess, and manage malnourished patients.