Poster Presentations

P-4: Medical Assistance in Dying: Key Policy Considerations for Long Term Care

Gerard Reuss*, Dr. Fred Mather, Connie Lacy, Lisa Sutherland

Sunnyside Long Term Care

On June 17, 2016, the federal government passed Bill C-14 which outlines requirements that patients/residents (including those who live in long term care) must meet to be eligible to receive medical assistance in dying (MAID).  Further Bill C-14 establishes safeguards that a doctor or nurse practitioner must follow to legally provide MAID in Canada.  

At Sunnyside Home, Region of Waterloo, a collaborative and proactive engagement approach was   undertaken to ensure that legislative requirements related to MAID could be met in a ethical manner.  A policy and procedure was created through extensive consultation with both internal committees and external community partners.  

To ensure familiarity with the MAID policy and procedure and to provide the greatest level of comfort possible, extensive education was provided.  In particular, hundreds of employees at Sunnyside (clinical and non-clinical) received education and were provided an opportunity to ask questions and work through case scenarios with staff from administration and social work.   

Sunnyside's MAID poster presentation will share highlights to the implementation journey and provide key information pertaining to its policy and procedure.  Important topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:  MAID eligibility, conscientious objection, capacity, consent, privacy and follow-up care for both staff and family/friends impacted by MAID.