Waterloo Wellington Clinical Research and Quality Improvement Symposium

11:30 A.M. Poster and Tech Booth Set-Up

12:00-12:30 P.M. Check-In and Nutrition & Coffee Break

12:30-12:40 P.M. Welcome, Introduction And Overview

12:40-1:00 P.M. Keynote Address – Dr. Joanne Ho: GeriMedRisk

1:00-1:10 P.M. Q&A Period

1:15-2:15 P.M. Poster/Networking Session 1 And Lunch

2:15-3:15 P.M. Concurrent Podium Session 1 – eHealth and Common Health Information

2:15-2:30: O-1: Informing prescribing decisions and improving patient care through the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) Dr. Julia Bickford*, Lori-Anne Huebner, Ted Alexander, Mohamed Alarakhia

2:30-2:45: O-2: Medication Review of Medically Complex Patients using Standardized Data Kathryn Flanigan* andJillian Bauer*

2:45-3:00: O-3: Mental Health Encounters in Primary Care: How Clinicians Can Use Technology to Support Evidence Based Care Mohamed Alarakhia, BSc, MD, CCFP; Stephanie Chin*, RPN, BSc, Dipl. HI; Lirije Hyseni*, MSc; Danika Walden, PMP, MSc

3:00-3:15: O-4: Inventory of Tools in Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in the WWLHIN Julia Borges*, Dr. George Heckman, Jane McKinnon Wilson

2:15-3:15 P.M. Concurrent Podium Session 2 – Practice Changes and Challenges

2:15-2:30: O-5: Investigation into the vision needs of refugee patients settling in the Waterloo Region Sarah MacIver*; Aysha Hassan OD; Alexander Hynes 2017 OD candidate

2:30-2:45: O-6: Ready or not? Pharmacist perceptions of a changing injection scope of practice before it happens Ai-Leng Foong*, David J Edwards, Sherilyn Houle, Kelly A Grindrod          

2:45-3:00: O-7: Evaluating change in mental health symptoms over time using the interRAI Community Mental Health instrument Jerrica Little*, John P. Hirdes

3:00-3:15: O-8: Measuring functional change following outpatient rehabilitation using the interRAI Community Rehabilitation Assessment Luke Turcotte*, Dr. John Hirdes


3:15-3:25 P.M. Nutrition & Coffee Break

3:25-5:25 P.M. Concurrent Podium Session 3 – Family Medicine Residents

O-9: Impact of a half day workshop on family medicine residents’ knowledge, subjective preparedness, attitudes, and behaviours towards poverty in medicine
Drs. Julie Chaytor*, Fiona Clarke*, Alisa Loo*
Department of Family Medicine, Centre for Family Medicine, McMaster University, Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

O-10: Prenatal Care at Groves Memorial Community Hospital: Evaluating current practices and exploring interest in Group Prenatal Care
Dr. Sarah Donaldson, MD, BHSc*, Dr. Alanna May, MD, RN, BScN, BA, PNC(C)*
Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Fergus, Ontario
McMaster University, Department of Family Medicine, Hamilton, Ontario

O-11: Effect of an educational session on family medicine residents’ beliefs
and management of obesity
Drs. Mohammed Dawood*, Matt Johnson*, Alex Ma*, Sandy McLachlan*, Andrew Stewart*

O-12: Will the use of simulation training improve family medicine residents’
knowledge and comfort with acute care?
Drs. Nathan Roth*, Melissa Snyder*, Allison Yantzi*
Department of Family Medicine, Centre for Family Medicine, McMaster University, Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

O-13: Application and Feasibility of Practice-Based Small Groups (PBSGs)
in a Rural Community: A Quality Assurance Project
Drs. Asha Bienkowski*, Daneilla Dimitri*
Family Medicine Post Graduate, Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University

O-14: Pertussis immunization in pregnant patients at a Kitchener Family Health Team
Drs. Katherine Li*, Joanna Wielgosz*
New Vision Family Health Team
Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University

O-15: Current practices regarding group A streptococcal rapid antigen testing and subsequent confirmatory throat cultures within the Centre for Family Medicine Family Health Team: a retrospective chart review
Drs. Chris Johansen*, Patrick Keating*, Pierre Lenferna De La Motte*, David Martin*
Department of Family Medicine, Centre for Family Medicine, McMaster University, Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

3:25-4:40 P.M. Concurrent Podium Session 4 – Care in the Community for Older Adults

3:25-3:40: O-16: Development of the CHESS-Lite Scale to Predict Mortality in Short-Term/Intake Home Care and Other Community Populations Chi-Ling Joanna Sinn*, Dr. John Hirdes

3:40-3:55: O-17: An Interprofessional and Collaborative Approach to Care for Seniors with Addictions Marilyn White-Campbell* Jessica Wilson

3:55-4:10: O-18: “I would hope the people looking after me know about me” Perspectives of Persons Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers on Person-Centred Care and Quality of Care Bryan B. Franco*, George A. Heckman, Sherry Dupuis, Lisa Loiselle, Veronique Boscart, Linda Lee

4:10-4:25: O-19: The Impact of Home Care Services on Same Day Emergency Department Utilization Aaron Jones*, Andrew Costa

4:25-4:40: O-20: Assessment of practicing community pharmacists knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards influenza vaccine hesitancy in Ontario - An exploratory study Pullagura GR*, Waite N, Violette R, Houle SKD

4:40-5:30 P.M. Poster/Networking Session 2 And Nutrition & Coffee

5:30-5:50 P.M. Keynote Address #2 – Dr. Tom Hupel with Lori-Anne Huebner and Lori Moran from the eHealth Centre of Excellence: Diagnostic Imaging For Orthopaedic Patients: The Problem And How E-Referral Can Help

5:50 -6:00 P.M. Q&A Period

6:00 P.M. Symposium Adjourned